Monday, August 30, 2010

Campus Helsingborg - Interview

Campus Helsingborg - Hundratals nya studenter samlades till vandring

Just a short one; I'm on the university's homepage :D (in Swedish) Picture and a small interview!

The first day went well and tonight we are going for a pub-crawl, tomorrow we have the first class. Tell you more later.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please guide me and my family through Stormy Weather

The last coulple of days we have had some strange weather. One minute it looks like it's going to start to rain:

The next we have sun and you think "oh, maybe I should sit some on the balcony"

And just when you have found a book and opened the balcony door, it looks like this again:

And so it continues..
But it's all becasue the winds are very strong at the moment. I think around 36km/h or 9m/s, so the weather changes all the time. That's why I haven't updated the "Helsingborg today"-picture lately.

I have sometimes written that I think Charlie the dog likes the Swedish climate and weather better than the Spanish, because it's cooler here and there are a lot of forests and parks with grass. But one thing, I know he misses, is the balcony in Barcelona. If you don't remember how it looked, read the post about Charlie's Day, or see below:

He just really enjoyed sitting or laying on the balcony and watching the people, cars and animals on the street below or at the plaza infront of our house.

Charlie could only just get his head out between the bars

The balcony we have now is no fun at all. He can sit on a chair and then barley see over the "walls" or he can stick his nose through the gap between the floor and the walls and look at the neighbors under us that has a cat

Oh, and when I'm already are talking about Barcelona, here are another thing that makes me think of our year in Barcelona:

There is an international food market right now at Stortorget here in Helsingborg, and look at this one :) Viva Catalunya! (And did you know that some week ago, Catalonia became the first province in Spain to forbid bullfighting? Way to go!!)

The name of this post is a line from Stormy Weather with Moneybrother, check it out here:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food for Friends

After a summer with a lot of BBQing, picnics, eating at restaurants or at friends, Food for Friends has finaly returned ;) Food for Friends is the food part of my blog and contains recipes that are easy, quick and fill a lot of stomachs. See Food for Friends in the tag cloud to the right for more recipes.

Today I will show you a super easy recipe of a broccoli soup that I tried last week. I love soups because they are easy to make, usually not that expencive and are perfect now when we are getting closer to the colder season.

Super easy broccoli soup
This is what you need for 4 persons:

1 onion
2 potatoes
250g broccoli
12 dl boullion (I would take less water for a more creamy soup)
2dl cream (not whipping cream, but the one for cooking/food)
salt and pepper

Peel and slize the onion and potatoes. Chop the broccoli into pieces.
Boil the bouillion and add the vegetables. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Blend the soup with a hand blender or a food processor. Put it back in the sauce pan and add the cream.
Warm it til it boils again and add salt and pepper. Taste. Done :)

Serve as a starter, or add i.e. bread on the side for a main course. You could also add fish, shrimps, creyfish/lobster tails, whole pieces of vegetables or even chicken for a more filling soup.

Chop and slize

Bouillion (still having some from Spain :)

Done! We had garlic bread on the side.

As I wrote before, broccoli is a super vegetable with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants!

The recipe comes from here orgininally (Swedish site).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Manicure

And on the correct day and all! Yes I'm back on track ;)

Last Monday I recived a sample package from VivaLaNails, I was suprised how much it contained!
(As usual, click to enlarge)


Stickers and water decals

Rhinestones. Round gold/yellow, green and black. Leef-shaped in red and yellow flowers

Pink and green starshaped flakes.
Round dassle in green and blue/silver + yellow/gold holo dassle stipes.

This was my first time using decoratoions, so because I didn't know how it would turn out I wanted a clean base and therefore I made a classic French, using my new white tip from Kiko. I didn't have any nail glue, so I just used my top coat and it worked just fine.
I wanted to do flowers, but after one nail I thought they turned out quite big, so I just made one. I then tried a row on my thumb. On the other hand I tried the green star-flakes and made a little starfall.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, don't know what happened with the camera!?)

French with rhinestones

French with flakes

The rhinestones were easy to put on the nail, I used a tweezers, and no top coat was necessary ontop of the stones. The flakes were a bit harder but with some patience it worked ;)
I think I liked the flakes more, because the rhinestones where too "thick" and I couldn't stop fiddle on them and that just resulted in them falling off.

For the weekend, I wanted something different, and this time I wanted to try out the dassle. Becasue they're very shiny and disco-like, I again went for a more descrete base. Looking back, I might have choosen another color.

French tip made of the blue/silver dassle

The thumb got some more. Together they formed a heart :) (no, I didn't plan that one).

I think it looks very elegant and I would definitely do it again, but maybe with another base color. It took time to make though! I used my metal nail file, by dipping it in water so the dassle stuck to the tip. Again I just used a top coat as glue, but this time I put two layers of top coat ontop of the dassles aswell.

These products were sent to me for free by VivaLaNails (link). If you are a beauty or nail blogger, you can also get a free sample! Check it out here! I placed my order on a Friday, and I got them on the Monday.
Next time I will try out the stickers and water decals!

Oh, and I promised that the next time I used the pink Depend nr 086 with gold shimmer, I would try to capture the gold more. Well, it looks like it's an impossible task, it just won't show on the camera.. Here are my latest attempt:

Pink with Konad flowers. Gold?

Thanks for reading and hope you get a wonderful week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Suprise visit!

In silver wedding gift, Kaspers parents got plane tickets and hotel for a weekend in Stockholm from us. What they didn't know was that the day before their departure, Kasper and I borrowed the car (well they did know that we borrowed the car, but we said that we were going with some friends to a summerhouse) and drove all the way up to Stockholm during the night. The next day we waited for them in the airport! :) You shuld have seen their faces!

My parents actually did something similar for my moms parents some (read many) years ago, but their stunt were even more extreme. They drove my grandparents parents to the airport in Stockholm, waved goodbye and my grandparents went on a plane to Paris. After saying goodbye, my mom and dad went with the Concorde, arriving before my grandparents in Paris :D I would have loved to be there and see their faces!!

Anyway, back to Stockholm. The first day my parents (who live in Stockholm) had arranged a private flying over Stockholm for Kaspers parents, us and them. Because there only were 3 seats + the pilot, we went two times. First Kasper, my mom and Kaspers dad, then me, my dad and Kaspers mom :) Here are some pictures:

The first plane. After the first trip the radio broke, so we changed plane for our ride.

Stockholm from above. Lots and lots of islands. Stockholm is actually called Venice of the North.

The pilots t-shirt ;)

Kaspers mom Lisbeth and me

My dad got to steer

Kastellet next to Vaxholm

That night we continued the theme "over the ground" by eating at Gondolen, a restaurant situated 33meters over sea level. I didn't bring the camera, but everything; the food, the veiw the company was just perfect.

That weekend, we also had a small Kräftskiva at my parents house. It's a Swedish crayfish party, where you eat kräftor, drink snaps and sing snapsvisor (songs).

Boiled crayfish (from rivers and lakes)

Hello there

Charlie the dog tries a party-hat. It didn't stay on for long
My brother Oscar in typical kräftskive-outfit ;) They didn't stay on for long either..

My dad and Kasper with crayfish
It got my nose ;) Me and mom
We also got some sea-crayfish

Cold snaps
My goodlooking brother ;)

Dancing crayfish
Typical kräftskive-decorations

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mixed tape from week 31

In week 31, when Kasper's parents where on a holiday, we got to borrow the car. Here comes some pictures from that week:

The first days we went to visit my grandmother who lives in Gothenburg, together with my brother Oscar and his girlfriend Moa (well they don't live with my grabdmother, but they were visiting aswell.. you get it). The only time I remembered to bring the camera was when we went up on the roof of my grandmothers house :)

Carlanderska sjukhuset (hospital)


Grandma lives next to the amusementpark Liseberg

Moa, Oscar and Kasper on the roof

Other than beeing on the roof, we also helped grandma, made a little shopping tour and made delicious food.

On our way down to Helsingborg again, we stopped at the famous Gekås in Ullared. It's a giant supermall that has everything for almost no money. People are standing in line in the morning just to get in! We weren't that extreme, but I just had to see the place. I came home with two new nail polishes (just 10sek each = around 1€), a white eyeliner, handcreme, a small backpack to Charlie, notebook and some other small things.

The entrance

My new nail polishes for 10 sek each! You can see the purple one in the end of this post.

Some days later we went to a place in the forest with Charlie and he tried out his new backpack. It's both handy becasue he can carry all his stuff like toys etc. and he gets to work a bit more. Both because he gets some extra weight but also work with his mind because he feels like he is doing a task (I've heard).

Charlie looking cool

After playing in the sun, we went down to the beach and Charlie got to swim and cool down.

Throwing sticks

Returning proud

We also made a small trip to Kullaberget (the Kulla mountain, close to Helsingborg) but the weather wasn't that good so the pictures didn't turn out that well.. But here are a few:

The lighthouse (brightest one in Scandinavia)

Me and Charlie ready to climb down

Cliffs and big rocks

Kasper and Charlie posing

The lighthouse on Kullaberget

More posing. More lighthouse

Oh, and I have forgotten to show you. This is the thred that Charlie had in his throat.

Quite a busy but fun week :)