Saturday, July 10, 2010

ByeBye Barcelona

And so came the last day for our year (or almost year) in Barcelona. I have actually been looking forward to this day. It feels like I have done everything I wanted here, and I am ready for a new chapter in life. But even though, it feels a bit sad leaving. Especially all "lasts". For example today was the last day I babysat Gabriel, last time I went by the metro, last time I looked over a sunny Barcelona from our balcony..

Of course there will be things I'm going to miss about Barcelona and Spain. One obvious thing is the sun and weather, moving up north again means colder climate and more rain. But to be honest, right now I'm looking forward to Scandinavian summer weather, in which you actually can do things and be outside without melting (but I bet in 3 weeks I will be whining and wanting to go back.. ;)) Here some things I will miss:

- Living 1min from the beach and everything that comes along with it (chiringuitos, bars, restaurants…)
- But at the same time living in a metropolitan city that really has everything; sports, culture, gastronomy, 1,5h to ski-resorts, nightlife, fashion and shopping..

On the other hand, there are things that I won't miss and that I'm looking forward to in Sweden:
- Swedish food!
- Elementary things not taking forever, like getting Internet installed (or canceled; I will tell you about it later), getting registrated in Spain etc.
- Not being seen as a tourist
- Commodities like having a dishwasher, living in a building with elevator ;)

But what I'm looking forward the most to start a new school, meet new people, living in Sweden and a new city. It will be exciting to see how I will cope with life in a "little" town now. I grew up in Stockholm, then lived in Copenhagen for 3 years (both around 2million inhabitants) and Barcelona (4million) for one year. Now I'm moving to Helsingborg in Sweden, a town on the west coast with about 130.000! But that will be an experience and I'll have Copenhagen 1 hour away in train.

The apartment got filled up with moving boxes

I must finish of by saying VIVA ESPAÑA, en domingo VAMOOOS! Our last night, we spent on a beach bar watching the semifinal of the World Cup between Germany and Spain (and for you who didn't see the match, Spain won and are now going to play the final on Sunday against Holland).

Last night in Barcelona, before the game

Spain is happy to be in the final

Well, good bye Barcelona, at least for this time. We will probably be back for a short visit in November when Kasper is graduating, but until then; take care and I will miss you!

An olive twig from Gabriel and his mom & dad, which means good luck and as a little reminder of Spain and Barcelona.


Jennifer said...

Barcelona seems AMAZING! Would love to visit there one day!

Kelly said...

Good luck with your move and enjoy the rest of the beautiful Scandinavian summer...winter is coming soon!

Viktoria said...

Jennifer: It is a wonderful city :) Hope you will get there some day.

Kelly: Hehe true true, I will enjoy every bit of the summer! Slowly prepareing for the cooold!