Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello University of Lund!

Just a quick post; I got enrolled to the Service Management - Retail programme! I'm starting after the summer at University of Lund, but in Campus Helsingborg, where we are going to live. Going to get access to the new apartment in Helsingborg on Thursday!

Whohoo :) I'll give you an more detailed update soon!


Kelly said...

I was so far behind on your blog, I missed everything! What exactly is the Service Management program? Is it like store management or something more like sales and marketing?

Viktoria said...

It's a combination actually. I'm going for Service Management with retail, but there are also SM with Hotel/Restaurant, Health (like spas etc) or tourism. I will learn some sales, marketing, economy, and how to handle a store and everything that goes with it :)

I'll give you an update when I know more :)