Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last weeks mani

Last week I tried out the black Depend nr 039 that I bought together with the other ones. I have never had a black polish before and thought it would look very hard and that my hands would look pale. But I actually liked the look of it!

I thought of putting a white Konad on top of it, but changed my mind. Insted I used a thin layer of my Kiko Microglitter Turquoise (nr 298, yes I just found out, on the website, that they have names!) on top of it. It turned out great, but insted of looking blue on black, it looked dark green! Unfortenetly you can't see that on the pictues.. I know, I have to start taking pictures with the big camera..

Depend nr 30 and Kiko nr 298.

You can almost see a flash of green on the right one

Monday, September 27, 2010


This is just so Swedish, I haven't seen it in any other country. It's a sweet soup made of rosehips (nyponsoppa = rosehips soup) that often is drunk but you can also eat it with a spoon. You can drink it cold or hot, as it is or together with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and/or small mandelbiskvier (almond macaroons). It's perfect as a dessert or just a snack :)

Do you have anything similar in your country?

The thing about time

Why is it that there never is enough time? Some days I really could use some extra hours, but since that's not possible (yet) I have to prioritize. It's just not enough time to both be in school, take Charlie for a long walk, go to the gym, make healthy and deliciuos food, study, meet friends and family and to have some relax time like TV, computer etc.

The last couple of years I have chosen not to focus on the gym part. But since my fitness level now is lower than a man in his 50s and I can't even come halfway up the hill to my house with bicycle, I have to re-prioritize. So last week I signed up at the gym, binding me for a year, paying the ridiculously high (?) amount of 300sek (around 30€) a month. Just so that I can sweat, use more of my not existing time and get tired.. ? Well hopefully I won't get ill as much as I do now and maybe even being able to cycle the whole way home! Positive thinking is da shit..

The question is; what will I have to remove to get time to go to the gym?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dating food

No, I'm not dating, but dating food is a common and returning topic among me and my friends. For example, if you are going on a date and are thinking of having sushi; only order the small pieces like small maki rolls or maybe nigiri. You all (?) know how hard it is to bite or devide a large sushi roll with seagrass! And with rice falling out of you mouth and soya dripping, we do advise you not to have sushi on a date if you're not in controll of your chopsticks.

I will return with more inputs on what food to eat on a date.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ok, I have a new vision with the blog; shorter posts but more often!

I'm sitting and eating a grapefruit. You know when you cut it in the middle and eat with a spoon. Charlie the dog was sitting next to the table and thought it looked really delicius, so I gave him a small piece. It wasn't popular:

ps. don't eat grapefruit infront of the computer.. it gets all dotted and sticky..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This post is for Nick and my dad, who don't really enjoy the Monday Manicure posts as much as the rest of us ;) Now you can read about something else.

Ever since I was little I have been talking in my sleep (or at least that's what I have been told ;)). It usually starts around 30 minutes after I have fallen asleep and can consist of just noices or full sentences. I can even keep a discussion with another person, while sleeping. Normally, I don't remember anything the next day, or just the moment when I wake up.
When I was little, when we were on a holiday, my brother and I often shared room (like in hotels). Through the years he has developed the ability to respond to my crazyness (?) with sentences like "go to bed Viktoria", "you are sleeping Viktoria" "no, there is nothing there" etc! I also think that my boyfriend is starting to gain that same ability!

Furthermore, I'm also sleepwalking! And this is the scary part, at least for me. I thought it had stoped, but I was so wrong.. The last week I think I have been sleepwalking every night!
But how do I then know that I'm sleepwalking??
Well normally I wake up while walking, but it can also show by me waking up the next morning with clothes on!
I think it's linked with Kasper not being here during the weekdays, because I didn't walk during the weekend. I also walk more frequently when I'm stressed, which I have been these first weeks in school.

I'm just thinking; how far will I go? Walking around in the bedroom or waking up the next day with clothes on is fairy harmless. But what if I walk out of the bedroom? Or even further?!
The longest I've come was when I still was living at home. I dreamed that there was a fire and we had to get out. I went out of my bedroom, out in the hallway, down the stairs, got my shoes and started to put them on. Then I realized that the rest of my family wasn't coming and I woke up, feeling silly sitting in my pajamas and with one shoe on..

Now, when alone (at least in the weekdays), there is no one to stop me. What if I let Charlie the dog out? Or start the oven?

Well, enough with the wining; Does anyone know what to do??

Here a song about sleeping all day (yes I admit, I first thought he sang "sleepwalking..")

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Manicure

Last week I tried out a mani that I have had on my toes earlier. But since feets are not very nice to look at and read about in blogs, I didn't show it. But when on my hands it looked much better! Here it is:

I used Kiko nr 282 (to the right) as a base and then put two layers of another Kiko (nr 248 ), that is quite sheer and has a lot of glitter in it, on top (to the left).
With flash.

Without flash

When Kasper and I were at a big shopping centre outside Helsingborg, called Väla, this weekend, I found Depend nailpolishes at Cubus for 2 for 39sek! (4€!). The bottles are small, only 5ml, but eh it's cheap! I came home with these four:

Nr .136 a light pink with shimmer.
Nr. 197 a light light blue, almost gray, cream from the summer collection
Nr. 190 a medium pink with a lot of shimmer and small glitter.
Nr. 30 a classic black

I had to try out one, so this week I will wear the light blue:

Here with Kiko Shiny Top Coat

I then added a Konad flower from plate 20.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Video from the intro week

Here is a link to a video from the intro week (not made by me). The first part with the slow song is from the first day, where everyone were nervous and quiet. The second song really is the lead song for this week!

Probably hard to understand anything from the pictures, but they are random of all groups from the week, but mostly from the boatride to Denmark where people are Avatars, Star Wars (look for the guys in white, they actually have cinnamon buns on their ears! You know, like it looks like Princess Leia in Star Wars have!) and the party at Club Retro.

The guys in bright blue t-shirts are Novicheriet, the ones planing and arranging the intro-week. All people in purple t-shirts are mentors and each group had around 3-5 mentors. To get extra points during the week, you could try to earn the Novicheriets idol cards that they had around their necks. We won 3 or 4 cards during the week, one by making a song to one of them, one from coming with breakfast in bed one morning etc.

Enjoy the movie!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pirates, Chess, The Oscars....

Yes I'm alive! But only bearly.. This first 2 weeks at university have been so intense! Together with normal classes during the day and intro-activites during the evenings (and nights..) we had to read 450 pages in 1½ week and yesterday we had our first exam! To manage to do normal human-stuff lite eating, walking the dog, showering and sleeping, you had to be faster than the light and have at least eight arms.. ;) But I survived and have already a lot of good memories from my time in uni!

As I told you last time, the first evening we had a pub-crawl. The theme for the night was Musical Monday, so my group decided to go with Chess. We all showed up in black and white, but some were bishops (in Sweden they are "runners"), other king and queen, we had a horse (yeah, that's what we call the knights), two towers (rooks) and the rest of us where "farmers" (pawns). Before the pub-crawl, your group were supposed to write a song and sing it for Novicheriet (the ones who had arranged the whole week). We came in 2nd place!!

Everyone standing like in a game of chess. Black and white pawns.

The next evening, it was Bollywood Tuesday. We all tried to find some clothes that looked Indian. That day was the Helsingborg-race. Each group got a paper with riddles that where places in Helsingborg. When finding out which place they ment, you were supposed to go to that place and take a photo infront of it. When all 20 places where found and photgraphed, you should return to the starting point. The group that had the most right answers and the best time, got points in the total competition of the week. Our group came in 2nd place! (out of 17 groups).

Infront of where you buy tickets to the ferry

Infront of the cinema

The day after that we had Fantasy/Sci Fi-Wednesday. We decided to go for Pirates of the Caribbean and everyone made a little ship of a moving-box. That evening we did something that is called "touring" (tura), that is going with the ferry between Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingør (Denmark) back and forth. We went 5 times I think, before we got of in Helsingør and went to a club called Retro.


Me and Jennie in our boats :D

The group

Then there was an other party that I didn't go to because i started to feel a cold coming.. So next thing was during the Saturday. It was Horror-Saturday, so our group were Hitchcocks The birds. During the day we had the other half of the competition (in Swedish called poängjakt, like "point hunting"?) and the group were supposed to do a lot of things in 3 hours. Here are just some:
Go to Denmark, do a Titanic-scene on a boat, write a poem, do a synchronized swimming in a pond, feed an animal, collect patches from guys underpants, do a dance, do 20 pushups, have a wet-t-shirt-compitition, do the longest line of your clothes, scare someone, sing a song on a bus during one stop (a Swedish song about the busdriver), do a prank with a Danish guy, get a stranger to sing a song, do a dance for 1 min (Små Grodorna) in the busterminal... and a lot more.
It was a lot of fun! Unfortunaly, I didn't bring my camera that day, and I can't find any picture of us as birds..

In the Sunday afternoon we had childrens movie Sunday. So we went disco bowling. I was Pippi Longstocking!

It all ended with the Oscars (as you might have noticed, they had a movie theme all week ;)) with dinner, prices, songs and dance.

Johanna and I on the red carpet

Mingle before the dinner. Here with Hilda and Anton from my group

The guy I sat next to during the dinner, Fredrik, and I

Our "mentors" (faddrar) won the category Best Mentors

Linnea, Jennie, Filip, Johanna, Ida and I

Unfortunaly our group (group 9) didn't win any price, but I got to know later that we came in second place in almost all the categories; Best Group, Winner of Competition, Best Zero (that's what we are called, before the introweek, now we are "ones" because we are on our first year).

Have a great weekend!