Saturday, September 11, 2010

Video from the intro week

Here is a link to a video from the intro week (not made by me). The first part with the slow song is from the first day, where everyone were nervous and quiet. The second song really is the lead song for this week!

Probably hard to understand anything from the pictures, but they are random of all groups from the week, but mostly from the boatride to Denmark where people are Avatars, Star Wars (look for the guys in white, they actually have cinnamon buns on their ears! You know, like it looks like Princess Leia in Star Wars have!) and the party at Club Retro.

The guys in bright blue t-shirts are Novicheriet, the ones planing and arranging the intro-week. All people in purple t-shirts are mentors and each group had around 3-5 mentors. To get extra points during the week, you could try to earn the Novicheriets idol cards that they had around their necks. We won 3 or 4 cards during the week, one by making a song to one of them, one from coming with breakfast in bed one morning etc.

Enjoy the movie!

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