Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Manicure

I wasn't going to do a post about my manicure this time, because it didn't turn out as I wanted. I used Kiko Galactic nr 277 and in some light it looked pink but mostly it just went to the red side, and became too dark fall/winter-ish for me.

Looking pink. Looking more red

So I decided to change it, but I didn't want to remove and start over. So instead I painted over with a lighter color (Kiko nr 256). In that way I kept the dark base color but it looks more summer now :)

Light pink in some light
And almost purple in other

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Food for Friends

This time in Food for Friends, I will give you the recipe of a filling chicken soup that is full of antioxidants!

Short version for you who don't know what antioxidants are: Oxidation is a reaction in the body wich can damage cells. The antioxidants protects the cells and can prevent cancer and coronary heart diseases. Read more here (Wiki in English) and here (Nyfiken Vital in Swedish).

It's perfect if you have some friends coming over and you can just substitute the chicken and vegetables for things you have at home. The soup is quite spicy and can increase your fat metabolism, so with other words; a super soup!

Spicy chicken soup
(for ~3persons depending on how hungry you are)

½ onion
2 garlic cloves
1 tbsp oil
1 big chicken fillet
2 tbsp chopped fresh ginger (you can probably use powder aswell)
3 tbsp sweet thai chili sauce (or 1 tsp sambal oelek)
5 dl water
1,5 boullion cube
2 dl canned coconut milk
100 g brown rice
1 red pepper
~70-80 g broccoli

Cook the rice in a casserole of its own. Chop the onions and fry them in the oil in a pot.
Chop the chicken in pieces small enough so they can be eaten with a spoon but not too small so they get dry. Put them in the pot and fry them for some minutes.
Put ginger, thai sauce, water, boullion and coconut milk in the pot and stir. Let it boil/simmer for 15min.
While you are waiting, chop the pepper and broccoli (or some other vegetables).
Mix in the vegetables and the rice. Taste. Eat :)

Not only does it taste super delicious but you can almost feel how good it is for you!
*Red peppers contains not only antioxidants but they are also one of the vegetables containing the most vitamin C. Futher they consist of vitamin B6 and fibre.
*Ginger is one of the spices that contain the most antioxidants, and if you look on numbers of antioxidants per gram it is the food that conatins the most. It can also be slightly anti-inflammatory.
*Broccoli contains a lot vitamin C, K, A and fibre. There are also vitamin B6, B2, E, B1, B3, zinc, potassium, magnesium and iron.

The recipe is originally from here (in Swedish).

Have a lot of ginger and/or coconut milk over after making the soup that you don't know what to do with?
-Put sliced ginger in your water together with a little lemon for a fresh summer drink.
-Replace ordinary milk in other recipes like pancakes or scones for some coconut-flavour.

Friday, May 28, 2010

World's best actor?

I have a lot of favourite actors. I mean, how great isn't for example Johnny Depp, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?! But let's face it, Johnny plays about (no, not always) the same role (the crazy, fun, loveble person) in all his movies.

(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean,
Finding Neverland and Alice in Wonderland)

George makes an Ocean-movie and he then uses the money to produce some strange movie that no-one gets (Like Men who Stare at Goats). He then makes an other Ocean-movie because the strange movie didn't become a success, and so on...

Brad Pitt, well at first I thought he was just the good looking guy, but he actually has some diversity in his acting! I mean look at Inglorious Basterds, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but he has not the class and experience as my all time favourite.

So who is he? Well he has been trapped in an airport, he has been left alone on an island, he has been in war and played the guy in a chick-flick involving mails, just to mention a few. He had his big break through with the movie where he played Forrest, Forrest Gump! Still don't know who it is?

Tom Hanks of course! I mean, what role hasn't he played?? He has been a prison guard in The Green Mile and professor/hobby detective in The Da Vinci Code. And even when he is animated (or computertized) as in The Polar Express he is great! So what is it that I like about him? Well exept that he is a really good actor, he also has such a diversity in his roles and every type seems to fit him. He can be the funny guy, the serious or even the slightly retarded.

The only one I can think of that, maybe in the future, can compete with Tom is Matt Damon. I mean he has the diversity, the class and he is a great actor. He is funny, like in the Oceans-movies, he can be an action guy as in The Bourne Identity or play deep roles as in Invictus. He just needs some more years.

Trapped in an airport in The Terminal. Alone on an island in Cast Away. Prison guard in The Green Mile.

Bookstore owner in You've Got Mail. I.e. shrimp fisher in Forrest Gump.Conductor in The Polar Express.

And yep, he made the voice to Woody in Toy Story, how cool isn't that!

Who would you nominate as World's best actor?

All pictures from Google

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

As promised, here are some more pictures (link) from our roadtrip to Andorra, Cadaques and Girona last week! Because Blogger use Picasa and I still haven't found a way to upload more then 5 pictures at a time, I link to my Facebook-album instead.

Enjoy :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Manicure

It's usually on Mondays I change my manicure, so I thought I'd do a weekly post about it. I would love to change the nails more often, but they get dry and brake..
So, what's this weeks nails? Actually I painted them yesterday with the dark one I bought two weeks ago. I then used the butterfly from the Konad plate M16 on the ring fingers:

But I got bored already after one day, so today I did an upgrade after some inspiration from Life and the Pursuit of Polish (check under Konad Nail Ideas in the top):

Dark pink tip and Konad print on top of it

I have got some questions about how Konad works, so today, while using Konad, I took some pictures! Here comes a little tutorial:

This is what you need for the pink tip (click to enlarge):
Konad plate, -scraper, -stamper, nail polish remover, corrector pen, cotton, tweezers and French nailtips stickers.
And nail polish (base, two coats of color, darker tip-color, Konad white and a top)

Start with painting the whole nail, I used two coats of Kiko nr 248. When they are completely dry, put on the French nailtips so you get a nice and even border (you can do it without too). Paint with the darker color (I used Kiko Galactic nr 276) from the white sticker and out.

Wait for them to dry and then use a tweezers to remove the stickers, pulling away from the dark color. I found it easiest to do all nails (both hands) at the same time. If you want you can stop here, having a little different type of French nails, just remember the top coat.
Now to the Konad print. I then took the print from plate M16, using only half of it. Put on the special, extra thick, Konad polish.

Use the scraper to remove the excess polish, in one quick stroke. Then take the stamper and pick up the print by "rolling" the stamper over the plate.

The print is now on the stamper. Roll the stamper with print over the nail. Volá, you have Konad print on the nail :) It's quite hard to get the print where you want it, so it takes some practice! Then remove the polish from the plate and do it all over again. When the print is dry, use a top coat to protect the print. Then use the corrector pencil to remove polish and print that has come on the fingers and cuticle. (Or use a cotton top and dip in nail polish remover).

Easy huh? :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fiesta en la Barceloneta!

Yesterday there were fiesta all over our barri (neighborhood) Barceloneta. It actually started some days ago, with people putting up banners, festoons and flags over the streets, outside restaurants. Then this Friday, we saw some drummers at the streets and they continued through the night (or til I fell asleep). Yesterday morning they started again at 8 o'clock, and groups with people who played drums, trumpets, saxophones, trombones, dancers carrying big artificial axes etc. stoped at the restaurant next to our street and the restaurant on the other side of the house infront of ours.

I, who love this kind of music and events, got all lyrical and I think I got about 15 films on my digital camera! So, I thought I'd share some with you. The pic to the left is just around the corner from our street. Each group stopped outside the restaurants, playing and dancing some, and I think they got beer and food from the restaurants. They then continued to the next restaurant with banners and so it continued.

When we went to the beach at 2pm, they where still druming and dancing from one place to the other. There must have been around 40-50 different groups, all wearing different clothes/costumes. Some consisted of older men in sailor suites, other had guys in Scottish kilts, girls in pink pants, dancing children or old ladies in glitter-tops. They were all carrying something over their shoulders, mostly a big axe, but we also saw broomsticks, huge Chupa Chups, flowers, giutarrs and flags.

So what was the fiesta for? Actually, I don't know! From the banners in Catalá, I got something that they were whishing a good trip and to come home safe, and that the mermaids and waves should be on with them? So maybe, because Barceloneta is the old fishing-district, it was a fiesta for the sailors and fishermen? Anyway, it was fun to watch and the people were so happy (and after some rounds a bit drunk).

This is the first one, around 8 in the morning. The dancing where a bit slower than later that day. We got the music from the restaurant around the corner plus from the one on the other side of the building infront of ours = quite loud!

Most of the groups just passed by on our street without playing, on their way to the next stop. But this group just continued playing :) The ones in the front are the ladies with black and silver glitter tops!

And the last video you get is the one of the guys in some kind of kilt-costume giving it 100% in the start. At the same time, an other group where playing on the other side.

The songs that day varyed from Viva España and typical samba, carneval and football songs to Oh When the Saints and YMCA.

Anyone here in Spain knowing what the fiesta was for?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Home again, or?

Well I mean, Barcelona is where my home is right now, but I also feel like Denmark is my home and off course Sweden, where I'm from, is my home too. So I don't know if I'm homeless or privileged to have three? But it's nice in sports to have three countries to chear for :)
Anyway, we are now back from our roadtrip! We came back on Wednesday evening, but I have been working the last two days and done some other stuff. But here comes the trip in short:

We took off in our rented car Saturday morning and 3 hours later we arrived in Andorra La Vella (which is the capital of Andorra). The first day we walked around the city and then we drove up to a small lake, but it was quite cold in the mountains and the first day we did have some clouds, so it was a short walk.

The second day we went north, to Ordino where we hiked up along a waterfall. We didn't walk to the top, but we did see a fox! Charlie the dog was really excited (Jack Russell Terriers are used in fox hunting). In the afternoon we did a small trail in Massana, on out way back to Andorra La Vella.
The "fox-trail". The trail in Massana

The last day in Andorra, we went east to Canillo, where we wanted to hike up to a lake. But halfway up the mountain, we started to see snow.. At first it was only laying under trees where the sun hadn't come yet. But later it was also on the trail and then there were only snow, so we couldn't see the the markings for the trail, so we went down again. But we did see an eagle/hawk, a falcon and deers!
Later that day we also went for a scenic route in the mountains by car, and before dinner we didsome shopping.
The start of the "snow-trail". From the scenic route by car

Here some fast facts about Andorra:
* It is the only country where Catalan is the official language (eventhough it is the language of Catalonia (where Barcelona is)).
* It is the sixts smallest country in Europe, 2.5 times smaller than Paris
* The life expectency is the second highest in the world (82 years)

We then went back to Spain, to spend a night in Cadaques. On our way to the coast, we stopped in Figueres, where the painter Salvador Dalí was borned and we saw his museum.
In Cadaques we visited the house Dalí used to spend his summers in, and we did some nice walkes by the sea (Charlie bathed).
The Dalí museum with eggs on the roof. Cadaques bay

On our way home the next day, we went to Cap de Creus, which is Spains most eastern point. We thought of having a picnic there, but it was too windy :(
We also did a short visit in Girona, which actually suprised us and was really beautiful with old buildings and churches.
Cap de Creus. Girona

I will upload more pictures soon!

Summer goodiebag

I want to win Linda's summer goodiebag!

Friday, May 14, 2010

People watching

Two weeks ago, I did a People Watching post and now I have gathered some more people-watching-goodies for you!

First we have something I have seen before at this park. There are grown-up people, having bicycle lessons :) It looks kind of funny, at first they learn to lead the bike, then roll with it sitting on the bicycle with their legs hanging on each side. Then I guess they learn to pedal, but that lesson I haven't seen yet. It is actually a really good idea!
I didn't want them to see that I took pictures, so this is with the zoom on my digital camera, taken from the dog park (click to enlarge). I will try to take better pictures next time!

We then have a funny contrast between the fully dressed old ladies with pants and jackets, and the young boys almost wearing nothing (and what's up with the rolled up leg?)

An other one I have seen a few times before is the man with his bicycle and attached to the bicycle is a small sidecar with a small roof. Inside the sidecar sits his dog!

Last but not least: This week we have had sailors in town! Don't know where they come from or why, but it's always nice to look at :)

And when I was about to write this post, a big group (maybe a hundred) of people on cycles crusied the street, playing music and ringing their bells. I was super fast and got some of it on video (not really the music though.. the guy at the front had the speakers..) I think they are listening to "Give peace a chance - John Lennon", but at first I thought it sounded like they were listening/singing "...oh we are sailing.."? It would have been a nice ending for my post; combining bicycles and sailing :)

Tomorrow Kasper, Charlie and I are going on a small roadtrip, going back Wednesday. We are going to Andorra, Figueres and Cadaques. More of that when we come home.
Have a great weekend everyone, and here the song:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Award!

Wohoo I have now recived my first nomination to a blog award! It's called The Master of Karate and Friendship award and I got it from NYC Island Gal! How cool isn't that! :) Thank you!!

I have actually had karate lessons some years ago, but only for a few of months. It was very fun however and you really got to train the whole body. Puh, exhausted just thinking about it! Master of friendship I don't know, right now I live on the opposite side of the continent from my friends, but I will be back soon!

I'm quite picky when it comes to which blogs I read. I start reading a lot of blogs, but if it's not updated enough, I loose interest. I do however read about 20 blogs a day and here are four blogs I think fit with the title (friendly and egdy) (with links):

I know I'm supposed to nominate five, but these fits best under the title. Thanks again!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going light and dark

Yepp at the same time! This is my two new friends for the summer:

The left one will hopefully give me a nice tan and the right one hopefully lighter hair. Today I tried both. You probably know bronzing oil, but what's up with the chamomile tea?
Well I tried what I had read on the web (for instance here), and this is the result:



I don't know, maybe a little bit lighter? I think you have to do it a couple of times for better results. This is how you do it:
- Make really strong chamomile tea (1,5l with 4-6 (I had 6) tea bags)
- Wait for it to cool
- Wash your hair
- Then rinse the hair with the tea several times
- Sweep a damp towel around your hair and wait 10 min
- Brush your hair and let it dry in the sun (if you don't have time or if it's not sunny, I read that you can wear the towel for a bit longer instead).

For you with other haircolors, I read that you can use:
Black tea for brown/black/dark hair
Hibiscus tea for red hair
Rosemary and salvia tea for gray hair

I'm going to have a spray bottle (you know the ones you use for flowers) with me to the beach this summer, filled with chamomile tea, to spray the hair with while sunbathing. Unlike lemon (which also makes your hair lighter) the chamomile doesn't make the hair look like a birds nest afterwards. And best of all, it's super cheap!