Monday, May 3, 2010

Food for Friends

You could not belive how many food blogs there are out there. You could try and search food blogs at Google and the first 6-7 something hits are just communities or vanues for food bloggers. Then try in your own language and you will get at least as many. Not to mention all the allready established recipe-sites. I don't follow any food blogs (yet) but I do use the Swedish recipe-sites and Tasteline for inspiration and for look-ups.

So what is a food blog? Well quite simple, it's what it sounds like; a person that blogs about food. Some make their own recepies, some just post what they had for lunch and others come from magazines or tv-programmes. Oh, I do follow one. But it's more of a nutrition blog. Elsa writes (in Swedish..) about the good and the bad stuff in vegetables, fruites etc. and how to use them in the best way. She also writes about how to buy and cook food with as small an impact as possible on the environment.

Ok, so I thought I should give it a try, since I love (hm, maybe not love, love is a strong word, more like very much) to bake and cook:

Today you will get the recipe for my chocolate cupcakes I wrote about before.

Chocolate Cupcakes
About 12pc

2 eggs
2,5 dl sugar
100g butter (melted)
1,5 tsp vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
4 tbsp cocoa (or 5-6 of the powder you use for chocolate milk, like Nesquik)
2 dl flour
1 tsp baking powder

Whisk eggs and sugar into a porous mixture. Mix the rest of the ingredients and whisk to a smooth dough. Put it in the cupcake cases (almost to the edge).
Bake at 200C in the middle of the oven for 10-15min (depending on your oven). They should look like they are not done, in that way they will get chewy and creamy.
Let them cool down. Done!

For you who don't bake because the kitchen gets nasty and there's always plenty to wash afterwards, think about it. For this you need something to mix the things in and something to whisk with, not that much huh? And these are perfect if your friends are coming over or maybe your parents, and you have nothing to serve. They take about 30min in total to do and are made of things you almost always have in the kitchen!

Good luck :)

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