Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The package has arrived!

Wohoo, today I got home my package I wrote about some week ago. Or I didn't get it home. They said it was going to be sent with DHL, but yesterday I found a note in my postbox saying that tomorrow (today) I could get it at the postoffice. So after a walk in the rain today, I finally got my stuff I ordered.
Hehe so, what is it, what is it!?

You probably won't be as excited as I am, but here it is:

What is that?? It's for making nail stamps! The nail polishes are extra thick, making them perfect for the stamping. Then I bought a stamp, a scraper and 3 different plates with patterns. The nail file I got for free.
I started out by just trying some different patterns on the nail polish I allready had on my nails:

Tree flowers, rose-pattern, dots and stipes,
and two different flower-patterns

I then decided for the one with the tree flowers. I used my new purple nail polish from KIKO under the stamps.

Cute huh!? :)

The ones who are making these patterns are the Korean company Konad. I first saw it on a nail blog, and then found some sites from where you could order it. The problem was that most of them were in the US, making the shipping expencive and probably paying customs. But then I found the German website Nail Design, from which I ordered.

Here you can see the patterns on my plates (click for bigger image):

You can see other patterns here.


Anonymous said...

lol /pa

Kelly said...

So cute! I adore the dots and stripes.

Island Gal said...

WoW!! These are awesome!!! I want one!!! lol