Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tävla med Brandos och TLC och vinn 40 par skor!

Klicka på bilden för att komma till tävlingen!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Books all over the place

Yup, got some reading to do. And what did I do today? I went for a lunch with a dear friend which developed into shopping and shoe-hunting. Didn't find anything though.

Here's a video clip, when talking about books, that might bring some nostalgia to the Swedes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What do You think?

I hate reading about excuses for why bloggers haven't updated in a while, I mean you blog because you think it's fun and you have something to write about, when you don't you shouldn't be blogging. At least that's how I feel. Now you see, I have a little problem with just that: what to write about. Since I started blogging (this time, someone remember my old blog from Denmark?) I have written about almost everything; food with recipes, makeup, clothes, my life, school, my dog, nailpolish, my trips and shown photos. Now the problem, I find, is that my blog is not themed. My makeup posts aren't even near girls like Lindas blog, or my nailpolish like this one. "My life-posts" will never be as good as Marias and it's not exactly a photoblog I have.

So now I want your opinion, what shall I write about? Should I continue on the same path or write more about one thing?

Thank you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stockholm tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train from Helsingborg to Göteborg, changing train there for the X2000 to Stockholm. Hopefully, after around 5 hours, I will be in Stockholm. But after the last couple of weeks heavy snowfall, most of the trains are delayed or canceled, so it will be interesting to see when (or if?) I will be arriving to the capital..

Here are some pictures from Christmas last year and the year before that.

Idre Fjäll in the north of Sweden. Stockholm

Stockholm. Christmas decorations

Outside mom and dads house

Making gingerbreads

Saffron buns

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas no 1 of 2

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Kaspers's parents in Denmark. This is one of the many benefits of having a boyfriend; you can have two Christmas eves!

First we went to a Christmas tree planatation because we wanted to choose and trap a tree our selvs. But all the trees at the plantation were super big or had two tops or were a bit yellowish so it ended with us buying a tree that already had been cut. The rest of the day we spent decorating the tree, eating danish æbleskiver ("apple slizes" even though it does not contain apples or are slized..), having a Danish Christmas dinner and exchanging presents.

Making æbleskiver, it's almost like a ball-shaped pancake and you eat them with jam and icing sugar. Decorations

Decorating the tree. Baby and I

I love buying, wrapping and giving gifts, but it's also nice to get some :) This weekend I got a eyeprimer, serum for the hair, coffee/tea cups, NYC book with money for the plane ticket and a fun sushi-set! Thank you very much everyone!

When we came home yesterday, we bought some sushi take-away and of course we had to try out the new set:

It contains two small plates, two sets of chopsticks, and two small bowls for the soya with a sushi-chef man to hold your chopsticks :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

e.l.f. Therapeutic Conditioning Balm - reveiw

As you know, about a month ago I ordered some e.l.f. stuff from their website. You have seen some of the polishes already, but here comes a review on the lipbalm.

It' says on the packaging that it:

"Provides intensive, lasting moisturization. Helps treat & prevent chapping. Instantly soothes & smoothes lips. Infused with Vitamins A&E and Shea Butter."

It was a bit smaller that I had thought, but since my lips are quite small that doesn't really bother me. It has a small, transparent cap that I might see me losing when on a bar, but so far so good. The stick is the type that you turn up so a plus that you don't have to use your fingers to apply. The look of it is quite boring, but for 1,5£ it's what I had expected.

The balm:
I do agree that it smoothes your lips and provides intensive moisturization and it feels nice on. It is quite "wet" so one layer is enough. I bought the one called Strawberry Créme, but for me it smells/tastes like bubblegum, which not is a good thing. It hardly hasn't any color in it, which for me is good, it just makes your lips a bit shiny.

Overall it's absolutley worth the money, but it's non a wow. I won't buy it again because of the flavour, but it's a nice lipbalm.

I give it 3/5 points.

Nice texture
Makes your lips smooth


Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas nails #3: Snowmen, Santa, bells...

Here comes this week's Christmas nails! Not that long til it's Christmas now, I will show you one more after this mani, which will be the one I'll be wearing for Christmas eve.

I used Kiko Pearly Dark Copper (no 224) that I bought last time in Barcelona. It's a coppery dark brown shimmer polish:

It covered in two coats and was easy to apply, here without top coat. I then stamped with almost all prints on Konad plate m12 and Konad white special polish. I then did the same prints on the other hand.

Christmas tree, bells, Santa, Snowman

Merry Christmas!

I got some smearing (again!) but I like the mani and love the color of this Kiko.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sunday after..

Well I wasn't that tired so Kasper and I went to Väla shopping center to buy the last Christmas presents. We then went for a walk with Charlie the dog to get my things at Jennie&Hanna which I had left the day before. We also put up the Christmas tree we had bought some weeks earlier and gift wrapped some of the presents! I know it's super early to put up the Christmas tree, usually we do it the day before Christmas eve (on the 23rd), but we bought one in plastic this year (yeah I know mom and dad!! how did that happen?? and in black and silver!?) and since we are going to Kaspers parents this weekend and then going to Stockholm, we wanted to look at it for at least a week.

With and without flash. We went for Christmas balls and decorations in mostly red and gold this year.

Charlie thought it was boring decorating after a while, so he went to bed

Look how small he looks :)

Wrapping presents!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 days of parties with pictures!

Wow, a week without the blog, how did that happen?!

Anyways, I have so much to show you and so little time to write.. The last weekend was a busy busy weekend with a lot of parties and fun! It started last Thursday with the last Thursday pub for the year at Villan (student place). I don't have any pictures from that night except my eye makeup that Jennie helped me with:

Light pink eyeshadow, a looot of eyeliner

Then last Friday, there was a dinner and party for those who had been comitted to the Agora student association, which Johanna and I had through their event committee. The dinner and party was held on the same night as the Nobel dinner in Stockholm, so the theme for the night was of course Nobel. We all dressed up and got a 3 course dinner, drinks and wine, awards where given and a lot of entertainment. For example the award in physics where given to someone with extraordenary dance moves ;) Here are some pics (as usually, click to enlarge):

Decorations. Starter (toast Skagen). Johanna and I + Josefin
Of course the king and queen were there ;) And yes there was bag-in-box wine standing on the tables, yes I had one next to me, yes that is me with the bags in the boxes and no I wasn't that drunk

Last Saturday was the grand finale of a three day fiesta for some of us. That evening was the party for those who have been working in the pub during the semester or that had been comitted to other activities of Stampus (an other student association). The theme for the night was professions and each bar team was assigned one. We got housewife/househusband/curling parent. Johanna, Jennie and I went for the fifties housewives with dresses, aprons and red lips! Other were assigned doctor/nurse/patiens, police/spy/army, pimps&hoos, circus etc. Here are some pictures:

Our friend the psychic patients. The housewives

What happend last Sunday will you have to wait for to tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent gifts!

I have forgotten to show you, I got a Advent gift from Kasper last weekend and an other this weekend :) He bought them at my favourite store in Barcelona; Kiko Cosmetics when we were there some weekend ago. We were at a café in a shoppingmall, and he "went to the bathroom", well instead he went and bought me gifts! Sneaky!

At first Advent I got a lip plumper that I had been looking at when in the store earlier that day. I have quite small lips so I'm curious to see if it works! This is what they say on their website absout Lip Volume:

"Plumping and nourishing treatment for fuller lips, as if reshaped. A creamy texture enriched with innovative components that simulate the effects of injections containing hyaluronic acid – a natural skin filler with a smoothing and volumizing action – doubling its synthesis rate. Its action also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, for firmer and more supple lips. Smoothing and firming, it is perfect for dry and marked lips too. It also prevents the first signs of aging."

Pic from the Kiko website

I took "before" pics and I'm using it twice a day right now, so I will show you the result in some weeks.

Yesterday I got an other gift, also from Kiko, also for the lips (can you see a pattern here..?:)). This time it was their Lip Balm stick with spf 15 in it. I have only used it today, so too early for a review, but it feels nice on the lips and I love that it looks like a lipstick.

Pic from the Kiko website

Thank you honey!