Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent gifts!

I have forgotten to show you, I got a Advent gift from Kasper last weekend and an other this weekend :) He bought them at my favourite store in Barcelona; Kiko Cosmetics when we were there some weekend ago. We were at a café in a shoppingmall, and he "went to the bathroom", well instead he went and bought me gifts! Sneaky!

At first Advent I got a lip plumper that I had been looking at when in the store earlier that day. I have quite small lips so I'm curious to see if it works! This is what they say on their website absout Lip Volume:

"Plumping and nourishing treatment for fuller lips, as if reshaped. A creamy texture enriched with innovative components that simulate the effects of injections containing hyaluronic acid – a natural skin filler with a smoothing and volumizing action – doubling its synthesis rate. Its action also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, for firmer and more supple lips. Smoothing and firming, it is perfect for dry and marked lips too. It also prevents the first signs of aging."

Pic from the Kiko website

I took "before" pics and I'm using it twice a day right now, so I will show you the result in some weeks.

Yesterday I got an other gift, also from Kiko, also for the lips (can you see a pattern here..?:)). This time it was their Lip Balm stick with spf 15 in it. I have only used it today, so too early for a review, but it feels nice on the lips and I love that it looks like a lipstick.

Pic from the Kiko website

Thank you honey!

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