Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 days of parties with pictures!

Wow, a week without the blog, how did that happen?!

Anyways, I have so much to show you and so little time to write.. The last weekend was a busy busy weekend with a lot of parties and fun! It started last Thursday with the last Thursday pub for the year at Villan (student place). I don't have any pictures from that night except my eye makeup that Jennie helped me with:

Light pink eyeshadow, a looot of eyeliner

Then last Friday, there was a dinner and party for those who had been comitted to the Agora student association, which Johanna and I had through their event committee. The dinner and party was held on the same night as the Nobel dinner in Stockholm, so the theme for the night was of course Nobel. We all dressed up and got a 3 course dinner, drinks and wine, awards where given and a lot of entertainment. For example the award in physics where given to someone with extraordenary dance moves ;) Here are some pics (as usually, click to enlarge):

Decorations. Starter (toast Skagen). Johanna and I + Josefin
Of course the king and queen were there ;) And yes there was bag-in-box wine standing on the tables, yes I had one next to me, yes that is me with the bags in the boxes and no I wasn't that drunk

Last Saturday was the grand finale of a three day fiesta for some of us. That evening was the party for those who have been working in the pub during the semester or that had been comitted to other activities of Stampus (an other student association). The theme for the night was professions and each bar team was assigned one. We got housewife/househusband/curling parent. Johanna, Jennie and I went for the fifties housewives with dresses, aprons and red lips! Other were assigned doctor/nurse/patiens, police/spy/army, pimps&hoos, circus etc. Here are some pictures:

Our friend the psychic patients. The housewives

What happend last Sunday will you have to wait for to tomorrow :)

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