Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas no 1 of 2

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Kaspers's parents in Denmark. This is one of the many benefits of having a boyfriend; you can have two Christmas eves!

First we went to a Christmas tree planatation because we wanted to choose and trap a tree our selvs. But all the trees at the plantation were super big or had two tops or were a bit yellowish so it ended with us buying a tree that already had been cut. The rest of the day we spent decorating the tree, eating danish æbleskiver ("apple slizes" even though it does not contain apples or are slized..), having a Danish Christmas dinner and exchanging presents.

Making æbleskiver, it's almost like a ball-shaped pancake and you eat them with jam and icing sugar. Decorations

Decorating the tree. Baby and I

I love buying, wrapping and giving gifts, but it's also nice to get some :) This weekend I got a eyeprimer, serum for the hair, coffee/tea cups, NYC book with money for the plane ticket and a fun sushi-set! Thank you very much everyone!

When we came home yesterday, we bought some sushi take-away and of course we had to try out the new set:

It contains two small plates, two sets of chopsticks, and two small bowls for the soya with a sushi-chef man to hold your chopsticks :)


Jennifer said...

I love your tree!

Viktoria said...

Thank you! :) Merry Christmas!