Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sunday after..

Well I wasn't that tired so Kasper and I went to Väla shopping center to buy the last Christmas presents. We then went for a walk with Charlie the dog to get my things at Jennie&Hanna which I had left the day before. We also put up the Christmas tree we had bought some weeks earlier and gift wrapped some of the presents! I know it's super early to put up the Christmas tree, usually we do it the day before Christmas eve (on the 23rd), but we bought one in plastic this year (yeah I know mom and dad!! how did that happen?? and in black and silver!?) and since we are going to Kaspers parents this weekend and then going to Stockholm, we wanted to look at it for at least a week.

With and without flash. We went for Christmas balls and decorations in mostly red and gold this year.

Charlie thought it was boring decorating after a while, so he went to bed

Look how small he looks :)

Wrapping presents!

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