Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas nails #2 Red with golden glitter

There are some colors that are more "Christmas" than others, and I think those are green, red, white and gold. So this week I am wearing a red/pink with glitter in gold on top!

I first used two coats of Kiko Galactic no 277 Microglitter Cranberry.

It's a red/pink microglitter polish which probably would have needed 3 coats on its own (2 coats in the pic). In the bottle you can see a hint of microglitter in gold aswell, but just as in the purple Kiko Galactic, the gold disappears on the nail.

I then put e.l.f. Golden Godess on top, starting with one layer over the whole nail

Golden Godess is a glitter polish in gold in a clear base. It has both large and smaller glitter particles in it.

I then put one more layer from the middle of the nail to the tip, and then a last coat only on the last 1/3 of the nail, trying to make a gradient. These two pics with three coats.

The gradient didn't turn out as I hoped because of the larger glitter flakes, but I like the combination between the cranberry and gold, and it looks really festive!

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