Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last weeks mani x2

After the last couple of weeks with purple I wanted something different so I chose IsaDora Icy Nougat I bought some weeks ago. I needed 3 coats for it to cover and you can see the brush strokes on some nails, but it dried fast so I could use Konad on top.

The name really matches the color, it looks like a icy nougat!

I then used half of a print on the m79 plate to do a French with a pattern (I know, the pinky finger got messed up..)

For the weekend I wantedet something with some mor power and color, so I chose a Kiko polish I bought in the very beginning of this blog that I haven't wore yet. And so I was back to the purple..:

Kiko Galactic nr 278 "Microglitter dark orchid"

I needed 3 coats for it to look like in the bottle, but the golden shimmer/glitter that you can see in the bottle doesn't show on the nail.. I then used some of the butterfly and flower stickers I got from VivaLaNails:

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Emybloom said...

That kiko is lovely.