Sunday, November 14, 2010

This weekend's happenings

Here are some pictures of this weekend. Or they actually start last Thursday when I worked in the bar at the student pub called Villan (The Villa).

Oscar and Johanna prepping the bar

Me and Jennie

Oskar (yes there are two Oscars), our teamleader :p

During last Friday, Kasper and I watched the no 5 and 6 Harry Potter movies because we are going on the premiere on Wednesday so we needed an update! No pictures of that..

Yesterday we went to a tapas bar in Helsingborg together with Ida and her boyfriend Martin, Hanna, Jennifer and Maria. Afterwards we went to a bar called Mogwai for some drinks..

These two pictures pretty much describes one part of the evening. A lot of text-sending with other peoples phones ;)

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