Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Positive Day

Yesterday we had something called "The Positive Day" at uni. It started with people giving you candy and small notes with compliments when arriving to school.

In the afternoon we gathered for a session with a life coach, talking about seeing life "with green glasses". We then had a skrattyoga (laughter yoga) and the instructor told us that a 100 laughs gives you the same workout as 30min at the gym! In between the two sessions we got a lot of snacks and cake, and it all ended at a place called The Tivoli, where we got to see Özz Nûjan (a Swedish stand-up comedian)!

I have never seen a stand-up show live before but it was just so much fun.

Cutie-pie friends

Özz being all over the stage

I don't think I ever have laughed so much in one evening!

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