Monday, November 22, 2010

Eyeko Vampiria + elf Blush

I'm getting tired of calling the nail polish posts "Last weeks mani" or "Monday Manicure" so I will start naming the post the name of the polish instead.

Last week (or it's actually some of the week before that) I tried the black polish with red microglitter from Eyeko, Vampiria. I'm out of my Kiko top coat, so this is without:

It covered in two coats as the other Eyeko and was easy to apply. I like this polish, but it has to be the right light for it to show the red glitter, so most of the time it just looks black, which is a bit boring. I like the Eyeko Indigo better, even if the Indigo also was very dark. This will be the last Eyeko I'm swatching for now, I'm saving the mint green Vintage til the spring, and the Chi-Chi is a layering polish, so I will find some dark colour to put under it.

Since I didn't put any top coat on the Vampiria, it started to chip and then the elf-order arrived, so after 3 days I changed to e.l.f. Blush.

In spotlight

Inside. In sunlight

Blush is a gold/copper shimmer polish. I used two coats but I think I should have applied one more. I was suprised that the bottles were that big (10ml) since they're only 1,5£ (1,7€)! The formula was good and the brush ok, you just have to wait for the first layer to dry or you will get brushstrokes.

I think I'm a little disappointed with the color, even though I went back to the website and saw that the color in the picture in the webshop is exactly the same as it is IRL, I thought that it was going to have a hint of pink in it. Maybe it's the name "Blush" that makes me associate to pink?Anyway, it's absolutley worth the price!

I wrote this post before going to Barcelona. Pictures from the weekend are on their way!

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