Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Graduation in Barcelona!

Here are pictures from Kasper's graduation cermony, dinner and party in Barcelona last Saturday!

Waiting for the taxi, Kasper and his parents

Graduation cermony in Sant Cugat.

Dean of ESADE speaking

Kasper receives his diploma on stage

Kasper and I after the graduation

The boys; Kasper, Simone from Italy and Darri from Iceland

The studygroup. Kasper, Linus from Germany, Ino from Greece and Mar from Spain

After the cermony, drinks and minitapas, we went to the restaurant.

The dinner. Pic taken by Mar

Baby and I at the party

Sabrina (Simones girlfriend), Simone, Kasper, me

Me, Darri, Simone


KarenD said...

Congratulations to Kasper! I love your dress. :)

Viktoria said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Meget flot blog ;)