Monday, November 8, 2010

Swedish (?) waffles

After our walk yesterday, we were a bit cold even if it was sunny. So we decided to make waffles. Well some might say that this isn't the right way to make waffles.. But when I called my mother some years ago and I was about to make waffles my self for the first time after I had moved from home, I asked her which recipe she used to make those lovely waffles..? She giggled a bit and then said that she always use Ekströms powder that you mix with water and melted butter! So from that on, that is how I do it aswell. So if you want to taste them, you will have to come to Sweden and buy a package of Ekströms Frasvåfflor!

Pour some batter in a våffeljärn

Open after some minutes and voila! Put some whipped cream and jam ontop

Mix it. Eat! :)


ma said...

If you have melted butter in the "smet" you don´t need to have any in the "våffeljärn" :)

Viktoria said...

Gör jag oxå :)