Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas nails #3: Snowmen, Santa, bells...

Here comes this week's Christmas nails! Not that long til it's Christmas now, I will show you one more after this mani, which will be the one I'll be wearing for Christmas eve.

I used Kiko Pearly Dark Copper (no 224) that I bought last time in Barcelona. It's a coppery dark brown shimmer polish:

It covered in two coats and was easy to apply, here without top coat. I then stamped with almost all prints on Konad plate m12 and Konad white special polish. I then did the same prints on the other hand.

Christmas tree, bells, Santa, Snowman

Merry Christmas!

I got some smearing (again!) but I like the mani and love the color of this Kiko.


ma said...

You know what, I have bought one red with some glitter in it, from Depend, nr 091. Think you inspire me a bit :)

Callie said...

I love the Christmas Konad designs!

Viktoria said...

Mami: Looking forward seeing it!

Callie: I know! They are so cute :)