Friday, May 14, 2010

People watching

Two weeks ago, I did a People Watching post and now I have gathered some more people-watching-goodies for you!

First we have something I have seen before at this park. There are grown-up people, having bicycle lessons :) It looks kind of funny, at first they learn to lead the bike, then roll with it sitting on the bicycle with their legs hanging on each side. Then I guess they learn to pedal, but that lesson I haven't seen yet. It is actually a really good idea!
I didn't want them to see that I took pictures, so this is with the zoom on my digital camera, taken from the dog park (click to enlarge). I will try to take better pictures next time!

We then have a funny contrast between the fully dressed old ladies with pants and jackets, and the young boys almost wearing nothing (and what's up with the rolled up leg?)

An other one I have seen a few times before is the man with his bicycle and attached to the bicycle is a small sidecar with a small roof. Inside the sidecar sits his dog!

Last but not least: This week we have had sailors in town! Don't know where they come from or why, but it's always nice to look at :)

And when I was about to write this post, a big group (maybe a hundred) of people on cycles crusied the street, playing music and ringing their bells. I was super fast and got some of it on video (not really the music though.. the guy at the front had the speakers..) I think they are listening to "Give peace a chance - John Lennon", but at first I thought it sounded like they were listening/singing "...oh we are sailing.."? It would have been a nice ending for my post; combining bicycles and sailing :)

Tomorrow Kasper, Charlie and I are going on a small roadtrip, going back Wednesday. We are going to Andorra, Figueres and Cadaques. More of that when we come home.
Have a great weekend everyone, and here the song:

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Kelly said...

I LOVE people watching - I especially love the picture of the old ladies and half-naked men. Have a great roadtrip!