Friday, May 21, 2010

Home again, or?

Well I mean, Barcelona is where my home is right now, but I also feel like Denmark is my home and off course Sweden, where I'm from, is my home too. So I don't know if I'm homeless or privileged to have three? But it's nice in sports to have three countries to chear for :)
Anyway, we are now back from our roadtrip! We came back on Wednesday evening, but I have been working the last two days and done some other stuff. But here comes the trip in short:

We took off in our rented car Saturday morning and 3 hours later we arrived in Andorra La Vella (which is the capital of Andorra). The first day we walked around the city and then we drove up to a small lake, but it was quite cold in the mountains and the first day we did have some clouds, so it was a short walk.

The second day we went north, to Ordino where we hiked up along a waterfall. We didn't walk to the top, but we did see a fox! Charlie the dog was really excited (Jack Russell Terriers are used in fox hunting). In the afternoon we did a small trail in Massana, on out way back to Andorra La Vella.
The "fox-trail". The trail in Massana

The last day in Andorra, we went east to Canillo, where we wanted to hike up to a lake. But halfway up the mountain, we started to see snow.. At first it was only laying under trees where the sun hadn't come yet. But later it was also on the trail and then there were only snow, so we couldn't see the the markings for the trail, so we went down again. But we did see an eagle/hawk, a falcon and deers!
Later that day we also went for a scenic route in the mountains by car, and before dinner we didsome shopping.
The start of the "snow-trail". From the scenic route by car

Here some fast facts about Andorra:
* It is the only country where Catalan is the official language (eventhough it is the language of Catalonia (where Barcelona is)).
* It is the sixts smallest country in Europe, 2.5 times smaller than Paris
* The life expectency is the second highest in the world (82 years)

We then went back to Spain, to spend a night in Cadaques. On our way to the coast, we stopped in Figueres, where the painter Salvador Dalí was borned and we saw his museum.
In Cadaques we visited the house Dalí used to spend his summers in, and we did some nice walkes by the sea (Charlie bathed).
The Dalí museum with eggs on the roof. Cadaques bay

On our way home the next day, we went to Cap de Creus, which is Spains most eastern point. We thought of having a picnic there, but it was too windy :(
We also did a short visit in Girona, which actually suprised us and was really beautiful with old buildings and churches.
Cap de Creus. Girona

I will upload more pictures soon!


Merecogirl said...

Hello! Found your blog through Kelly (of Kellyville) and wanted to say hi! Your life sounds so fun!

Kelly said...

That water looks amazing!

I think you are privileged to have three homes :)

Viktoria said...

Merecogirl: Hi and welcome! I will def. check out your blog :)

Kelly: Yeah I choose to think that aswell! Positive thinking :)