Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gender differences

Today I did some web-window-shopping, since I'm out of money (as you know..). I found some really nice things, here are a few:

The first two come from the Swedish webshop Bluebox; a dog bowl from Alessi and headphones that looks like cakes/muffins.
The makeup pallette with 88 eyeshadows (for 19$!! but that is without shipping to Europe and duty..) is from the American webshop Costal Scents, the top is from H&M (change to your language in the down right corner) and the sandal from ASOS.

I then asked Kasper what he would like to have if he could window shop? -The new Ferrari 458 Italia..

Well I guess we are a bit different! I found things I actually could afford if I got some more jobs, but he (and I think that is quite typical guys?) aimed for the highest possible.

ps. I have now tried one of the nail polishes I bought yesterday. This is how the light one looks like:

ps2. The things I ordered last week haven't arrived yet!

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