Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some sport and beauty

I think most of my readers are girls.. So today I spent more money on nail polish (but stay tuned, some football futher down!). At KIKO in Maremagnum they are now 1,90€ each (normal price 4€)! So I found 4 that will have the honor to be on my nails, haha.

But before that, we went to Pappa Sven (the Swedish restaurant I wrote about some weeks ago) this time with our dear Italian friends Simone and Sabrina. I had a baked potato with chicken, bacon and curry dressing and Kasper vitlökssill with rugbrød, as starters. I then had korvstroganoff (as Swedish sausage-dish) and Kasper a Ceasar sallad.

(You do know that the words marked with fat and pink are links? Ok, not this one, just an example! The words that are italic are words in an other language).

Now to the football. You sport-interested probably know that yesterday was the partido between Barca and Inter. Uh, the last semi-final in Champions League and Barca had to win with 2-0 to go to the final.. We went with the italianos (who are not Inter-fans) and some Spanish to a bar to watch the game. You who didn't see the game, missed a match full of chances for Barca and a Inter with 10 defenders.. I think Barca had 15 shots on goal but only 1 got in! Or actually 2, but it got ruled out because of hands (which wasn't a hands). A night full of emotions, yelling, happiness but unfortunally a night that ended in sorrow since Barca didn't get to the final..

Well these pics are in halftime, still happy and enthusiastic..

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ma said...

Very nice colours on the nail polish, I specially like the 3 at the right, is it possible to make an order if they still are that cheap? Maybe there are some coral as well?