Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get ready Stockholm

Woho, plane tickets to Stockolm to the summer are now booked! Charlie and I are arriving on the 18th of June, within time to see the royal wedding (Princess Victoria and Daniel) on the 19th and the Swedish midsummer at the 25th. Depending on Kasper's internship at SEAT, he will probably be joining us for midsummer :) Then we go back to Barcelona again on the 28th.

And what a sweet idea from Louise:

Louise sa...
Ouch...I hate every form...

Maybe we should start some kind of a fund raising, so you can go see FC Barcelona, because you're absolutely can't have lived there and never seen a match.

I'm sure Kasper knows some kind of tech-wizz way to arrange for people to donate money to you..I'll be happy to chip in, so you can go see Messi & Co. before leaving for Scandinavia :-)
Eventhough I don't think that that many of my readers are willing to sponsor my fotball experience.. Maybe mami ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot. Today I babysat Gabriel and I got an Easter present! Chocolate and flowers; he knows how to get a girls heart :)

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ma said...

hehe, you really know your mami, of course I would :) and she´s looking forward to have her daughter here for 10 days too and of course we hope that Kasper will join us for midsummer!