Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hello, my name is Viktoria and I am addicted!

To TV-series that is. It started with Desperate Housewives, then it just went on. Right now Kasper and I are followers of DH, House, Lost and Bones. I also see Gossip Girl, and thanks to our friend Manasa, we now also see How I met your mother! And you know what, I love it! We also tried the first seasons of Heroes and Prison Break, but nah, the other ones are better.

Btw, do you like the changes in the design on the blog? Kasper did some magic yesterday. Small changes, but it looks good right? :)

Btw2, can you see on the weather picture, that the trees are starting to get small leafs? The signs of spring/summer are always encouraging. I heard that in Stockholm yesterday, they had 10deg and sun. Good for you guys! And today you can feel even better, knowing that we in Bcn have rain today ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and then you wake up this morning with a complete snow storm... Like 4 cm of snow and continuing... funny :/ BEDTIME-DAY :D
/lillebror :o)