Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Swedish translation for housewife is hemmafru. Translated back to English, it means homewife. On one hand I sometimes feel like one here in Barcelona; being home most of the day, walking the dog, being with babies and children, washing clothes etc. But on the other hand, how can you be a homewife without being at home nor a wife..?

Im enjoying my life here, but something is missing. And that something I think, is a gruop to belong to. Like; Hi I'm Kasper and I'm an economist, or I'm a police, I'm working with children, I'm having my own business etcetc.. What can I say; Hi I'm Viktoria and I'm doing nothing? It's like when you are doing a servey and you are going to check the box "Occupation", what do I check? Right now I'm just putting student. Well yeah, I'm doing some babysitting and helping Kasper with his company, but that is just too long and diffuse. I'm really looking forward starting school after the summer, and at least being able to say "Hi, I'm Viktoria and I'm a student" and mean it.

This is what it can look like when you havn't
done the dishes in 6 days...

I don't really see the fun in being a housewife. Right now I would much rather present my self as a nanny. At least children make me happy. Like yesterday when Gabriel and I where playing in his babygym:

Hehe I know, I look like a giant next to him


Island Gal said...

Your boy is super cute!!

Viktoria said...

He is not mine.. I'm his nanny/babysitter :)