Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday I saw Maria Agrell. She is also a blogging Swede living in Barcelona. It's funny because I don't know her by person, or I know some people that she knows but other than that, I'm just reading her blog. But by reading some peoples blogs you kind of feel like you know them. Like some kind of imaginary friends. Especially if they write about personal things. Anyway, she looked just like on the pictures (maybe even better) and I was so close to say hi, but controlled my self; you don't know that woman V, and she definitely don't know who you are.

It's like those stories you hear about people walking up to someone just becasue they recognize their face and thinks I must know that person, I have seen her before, and realizing too late that that person is a singer or celebrity and not your friend.

While I'm doing some namedropping, here are an other well-visited blog that I follow. She is making all kinds of food in her coffee maker (also in Swedish).

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