Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Hip hip hurray, today is Kasper's birthday!

But first some from yesterday. After some beers at the beach and a walk to the cathedral, we saw the Magic Fountain. We then took a raspberry mojito at Rosa Negra and ended with tapas at El Rovell; a winning concept!

Today, Kasper got breakfast at bed and Charlie helped him unpack his pressies. Then I made a cake (with strawberries forming the Danish flag) and Benjamin and Janni came by for a slize, before they headed out for te Bus Turistico. Kasper and I went for a long walk with Charlie in the sun (had like 23deg and sun all day) and together we then had lunch at Hard Rock Café. After some waiting time in the bar, we had too too much food; spring rolls, potatoeskins, chicken wings, fried chicken, onion rings, cheese burgers, fries, sandwish, sallad and a macaroni & cheese. We ended the feast by charing a hot brownie with sundae, fudge and cream.

Drinks at the bar. And the boys are hungry
Finaly burgers!

Soon we are going down to Foc for some drinks and later El Clásico (Real Madrid - Barcelona).

Oh and I have got a new camera! So hopefully some more snapshots and pictures at the blog in the future.

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Kasper said...

Thank you, skatten!!! What more could I wish for? :) The cake was amazing, breakfast on the bed, el clasico. Simply put: It was a legen.... wait for it.... DARY day :)