Friday, April 9, 2010

The backside of living on the top floor..

Today I went for a run. Yes, run. But it wasn't for me, but for Charlie. He has a lot of energy to use, so we went to the beach. After running to the W hotel, we went down to el mar so he could cool down. He didn't want to. So I took of my shoes, socks and rolled up my pants and went in to the water, as a good example, to show him that it is lovely. Well it was kinda cold, but not freezing. After chasing some waves we sundried and jogged back home.

After the run I somehow had some more energy to use, so I washed the windows. Puha, as we say in Denmark, they were dirty! But now it looks good :)

Okay, now to the backside of living on the top floor with a balcony. Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so just take a look:

And this is just after one day! I hate doves/pigeons; Stop using my balcony as a toilet!

Now I am wating for our friends from Denmark to arrive, Benjamin and Janni! It's gonna be so much fun having you here!

Here are the song of the week:

(Yep, the same Train that did "Drops of Jupiter" for like 10 years ago)
Have a super weekend!

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ma said...

so i´m happy to hear that the jogging shoes are beeing used again :)
About the balcony; can´t you put some plastic or paper right where the "toilet" is?