Friday, April 23, 2010

La Diada de Sant Jordi

Today is Sant Jordi's day in Catalunya, the same as St. George or in Swedish Sankt Göran. And now you think, didn't he slayer a dragon or something? Yes he did, but he also gave a rose to the princess he saved (a rose he picked from the rose bush that grove up from the dragon's red blood) and that's what all is about St Jordi's day. The men give roses to the ladies, and the ladies give books to the men.

The book part of the story is not that romantic. There was a bookseller in 1923 that started the bookday because Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died on the same day (the 23 of April) and he thought it was a good way of making money. Well he wasn't wrong; today around 20 million euros will be spent on books! Read more about the day here (in English).

A girl selling roses almost outside my house

The newspaperstand sells book today

An other thing, I saw this today while walking Charlie. NOT a job I want..

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