Saturday, April 3, 2010

Swedish weekend in Barcelona

The Long Friday turned into a Good Friday! For lunch yesterday, we went to the newly opened Swedish restaurant called Pappa Sven, where we got some gravad lax (salmon) and then I had köttbullar (swedish meatballs) and Kasper chicken with potatisgratäng (creamed potatoes). So that made it feel a bit more like Easter. Not that we eat meatballs during Easter.. but salmon!

We then headed into Barrio Gotico to see the processions. We caught the one going from Macarena church, and saw it both at the start and at La Rambla. There were the people who look like KKK, the ladies who sang "lamination-songs" and the men who carried the superheavy floats.

As you can see, today we have no clouds, sun and around 18-20deg! This morning we went to IKEA to see if they got some easter decorations. They didn't. But at least now we got pillows to the chairs at the balcony, a tray with birds on and some other necessaries. We also got some sill (swedish fish), candy, chocolate, chips and räkost (hm, like cream cheese with shrimps). Now we just had lunch, see the eggs (and the bird-tray):

So the weekend turned out quite well after all :) Both Swedish restaurant, food and store, mixed with some Spanish traditions and weather; me like!
Now I am going to the beach to meet my dear friend Manasa!

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