Sunday, April 18, 2010


Since everything right now is about how Kasper will come home, this post will also be about that.

He did come to Paris this afternoon. There is a train-strike in France right now, so after standing in line for more than an hour, he got a train ticket to Montpellier, leaving about now. From there he will take an other train, but it doesn't leave until tomorrow at 11. That train will take him to the French/Spanish border, and from there he will have to take a regional train to Barcelona. PUH.

So hopefully he will come home tomorrow evening! Let's cross all our fingers...

Check out how the ash-cloud is moving here

And a webcam showing the volcano here

Today I looked after Gabriel while his parents ran Cursa Bombers. More about that and pictures tomorrow!

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ma said...

crossing every finger I got...and the thumbs too!