Monday, April 19, 2010

Cursa Bombers

As I wrote in the previous post, yesterday was Cursa Bombers, or the "firefighters run". 18.000 people had signed up for running 10km on the streets of Barcelona, starting outside Parc de la Ciutadella and the Estació de Franca. They then went along the harbour, running up on Parallel, Gran Vía, Vía Laietana and ending outside the train station again.
From the beginning the run was only for firefighters (hence the name) but now everyone can sign up. Still there are firefighters running, and each year some run with all the firefighter-clothes, boots, helmets and oxygen-tanks! See the pictures.

I was there, not to run (you know me...) but to look after Gabriel while his parents ran. Together with Dina (the 4 year old girl I also babysit sometimes) and her father, the four of us saw the start and then went for coffee. Gabriels father finished first of the three, and the mothers came about an hour after the start; good lap guys!
You can't really see how crowded it was..
Firefighters. Gabriel half asleep
Dina checking the baby

"Cus tonight is gonna be a good night!"
And Dina pepping "Eva, Eva Eva" (her mother's name)

The last volcano-update:
Kasper took the train from Montpellier to Perpignan, but from there all the train were canceled into Spain. So now he is on his way to Barcelona in a taxi, together with 7 other Spainards, hopefully ariving in 20min or so. Now I am going to meet him :)

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