Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spending leads to.. spending?

Yesterday we recived an electricity bill of 164€! Aouch... So what did I do? I went shopping. Good thinking there V! Really! Well it only ended in a nailpolish cus I came to my senses when in the stores.
I heart you window-shopping.

And you know what, the day before yesterday Kasper and I decided that we wanted to se a FCB-game before going back to the north (I mean, you can't say that you have lived in Barcelona for a year without seeing a match) and it's apparently not that many games left. I hesitated a bit because of money and I have been looking at some plane tickets for the summer to Stockholm, but thought "ah, go for it, I can afford both". NOT Damn you electricity.

Now I'm going to have tea from my favourite cups I got from my aunt Anna-Lena in graduation present. They make me happy.


ma said...

I can just fully agree about the damned electricity,here we got about 4 times higher bill for two months now :((
I hope you will not skip the travel to Stockholm thou...

Louise said...

Ouch...I hate every form...

Maybe we should start some kind of a fund raising, so you can go see FC Barcelona, because you're absolutely can't have lived there and never seen a match.

I'm sure Kasper knows some kind of tech-wizz way to arrange for people to donate money to you..I'll be happy to chip in, so you can go see Messi & Co. before leaving for Scandinavia :-)