Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Workout for slackers

Well you (sort of) know me. I'm a sucker for the easy. If there is an easy path, I'll take it! Like, is there a bus; I'm on it! And the same with training. I'm not a big fan of workouts or training, I argue that training should be fun and not a "must", like sports thats give you fitness without having it as its main goal. I.e. horsebackriding or wall climbing is both fun and you get a good condition without thinking about it. On the other hand there are (the boring) sports that only seeks to trian you, like running. I hate running. Yes hate is a big word.

Okay, maybe the fact that I am so bad at running, has something to do with it. Like a child; what I'm not good at is boring.
But, I have found a perfect path in the middle. Nintendo Wii. And no, I'm not talking about Mario GoCart or that kind of games. Wii Fit of course! For you who don't know what that is, here comes a quick guide:

*You stand on a "Wii Balance board", which you use for most of the sports and games. It also weighs you and tells you what your body-age is etc.
*You use a Wii controll that is wireless (like most of the videogames are nowadays) that you use as a pointer in the menus, but also in connection with games for example in boxing.
*The program keeps a journal about your progress, results and shows you how many calories you have burned under your training. You can also do your own training programs and there are muscle exercises, yoga, aerobic exercises and balance games to choose from.

This is what my "Mii" (Me as a person in Wii)
looks like!

No, I don't get paid to write this :p It's just a good way for you out there that find it hard to start training. So get that body movin'! There are no excuses any more; now you can do it indoors, in your pyjamas and no one has to see you (except maybe for your neighbor on the other side of the street, looking at you and thinking what the **** is that girl doing, doing hula hoop without rings?! (cus you all know what that looks like..))

Doing Hula Hoop (yes, that is my brother Oscar to the left
and Kasper to the right, helping me! :D )


Anonymous said...

Lol Kasper looks like an evil scientist :D

ma said...

So does this mean that your new jogging shoes are no longer in use? :)