Monday, April 5, 2010

Pan Integral vs. Rugbrød

Now that Jesus has gone to heaven, we can all go back to our everyday-life. Like commenting on the differences between Spain and Scandinavia. For example, take a look at the difference between pan integral in Spain ("whole grain" bread, to the left) and the Scandinavian cousin rugbrød from Denmark (to the right):

Quite cute that they call the left one for "integral".. Not that I eat the Danish rugbrød that much (too sour), but in Sweden we have some breads in the middle, like Lingongrova which is a whole grain bread, but with lingonberries to make it a bit sweet. Lovely lovely Sweden, I miss your bread.

Btw, I should have a webcam installed, because the weather changed 4 times yesterday! When we woke up it was rainy (as you saw on my Bcn Today-pic), but then we had sun and blue sky between 13-18, perfectly for a lunch at the balcony. Then all of a sudden the sky turned black and we had a thunderstorm for about an hour. In time for dinner, we got the blue sky again and a beautiful sunset. Crazy weather-god. Today it looks a bit more stable, but u never know..

OH, and I also found out (or she contacted me) who my visitor from Georgia is! Her name is Diana and she was just blogsurfing when she found my blog :) I do that alot (blogsurfing), you know you find a blog and then just click on a link on that blog etc etc. But quite amazing that she came back and read the post about herself! You can see her blog here.

And I'm sorry Stockholm that I wrote about your weather yesterday (they apperently got snow again today..), I won't mention it again! (Kasper has a theory that if you talk about the good weather, it will change to the worse).

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Kasper said...

Rugbrød isnt sour!!!! Its just perfect!
It is one of those things that is both healthy and damn good :) Ohhhh... I miss my Danish rugbrød and leverpostej sooooooo much!