Friday, April 2, 2010

Loooong Friday

Yepp, that's what Good Friday is called in Swedish and Danish. Antes, (before in spanish, trying to expand your spanish vocabolary) on Long Friday, you weren't supposed to do anything fun, lively and i.e. the radio only played psalms, and the restaurants and shops were closed. This because Jesus' friday was long and hard, and so should ours be. There, you just got a little lesson in religon.

Well it looks like my friday is going to be quite long. Kasper is writing his master thesis, almost everyone has gone home during the Easterbreak and everything is closed. I did some window-shopping at, but they don't deliver to Spain (lucky my wallet). At least it's good weather!
We went to the beach this morning (yes morning, as in 9 o'clock) with Charlie and watched the sun. That was hyggeligt as we say in Denmark.

This afternoon we are probably going to Barrio Gotico to see the procesiones, they aren't like the ones in Andalucia, but they might give some easterfeeling. Yeah because that's the thing; it doesn't feel like easter.. We don't have any easter-decorations, no easter candy, no family-events to go to - we don't even have eggs at home! Boring easter.

This is what came off Charlie,
when I brushed him yesterday

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Kasper said...

Now spring (Danish summer) has arrived to Spain and Barcelona :) For almost a week, we have had 18-20 degrees and sunny!!! How will we be able to leave this place????