Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why Georgia?

Okay, that is a song with John Mayer, but Georgia as a country has started to interest me. (thanks to wiki I now also know where it is... :D) This because my webdesigner/programmer- boyfriend has put Google Analytics on my blog, so I can see where in the world my visitors come from! As expected, Spain with Barcelona is on first place with 94 visits, on second place is Sweden with Stockholm and its surroundings with 31visits and Denmark on third place. Then we have some countries with 4 or less visitors, like Italy, Germany and UK, but at least I know people in those countries.. But then we have Georgia! Who do I know in Georgia?? Show yourself! I'm curious!

Yesterday I made cupcakes, using my new latex-cupcake-cases. I really recommend them! Easy to use and wash, and the best of all; you always have cases at home = you can always bake :D I got mine at Habitat, my new favourite store.

We also took Charlie with us on the scooter, had some sushi in the sun outside Sushi10 (well Charlie got a bone) and we then went to Parc del Poble Nou.

Quite hard to take a pic against the sun,
with the phone, trying to include all 3


dianach said...

hello hello,
why Georgia? perhaps cause some people out there read your posts. :) I came across your blog while surfing the internet through various blogs. I guess it should be exciting finding that other then your friends and family members read your blog. I had the same reaction when unknown people started writing and commenting me :) anyways, all the best with blogging and good job btw!

with kind regards,
Diana from Georgia, Tbilisi

Dianiko said...
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dianach said...

p.s. happy Easter!