Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now with garlic-mouth

Yeah, yesterday my throat started hurting, so before going to bed, I mixed some things my friend Clara once told me could help if you felt that a cold was coming. Fresh ginger, garlic, lemon and honey. What I forgot to ask was how much and how she eats it... So I just mixed some in a glass and put water on it. It actually didn't taste as bad as I had thought! I mean ginger = yum, lemon = yum and honey = yum, garlic = hm not that yum raw..
Anyway, I don't think it helped becasue today my nose has started to run.. AND my mouth taste like garlic..

This morning Kasper stated that today was going to be a serious tanning day. But as you can see to the right, we have some thin clouds that don't want to go away. Maybe later I comfort him with.

And yes, as my mom commented in the post below; Charlie is soo cute! Always when you are in the kitchen, he hangs around, hoping that something will fall down. Last day I was making sallad and a pice of iceberg sallad fell down. Super happy he ran to the green thing on the floor, picked it up and happily ran to his bed to eat it. How disappointed he got.. He tasted it, spat it out and looked at us "why are you eating this again??"
Sorry, I don't have any pictures on that, but here is one with Charlie from this weekend, when he took his first swim for the year.


Kasper said...

Hahah... I agree with you Charlie, how can Sallad be healthy???? :)

ma said...

Don´t you have something like "echinea" (don´t know the spelling of it :)down there? I think it always helps, or maybe daddys special: raw garlic on a pice of bread and into the micro for a few...and since your mouth alredy are a garlic one, doesn´t matter with more :D

Viktoria said...

yes, we have echinea, but it taste like s*** and I don't think it helps... maybe i should try the garlic-bread!

Kasper said...

No no no no no.... Enough garlic for this time :D