Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today it is "Våffeldagen" in Sweden (the waffle day), but since I left our våffeljärn at home, we can't make waffels.. In Sweden we make them thin and crispy and they are normally served with jam and wipped cream, altough I like them with butter and sugar :D I'll have to go down to Ben&Jerry's in Maremagnum and get gofres instead, but they are more like Belgian waffels (thick and more like pancakes)..

Since Louise is here visiting from Denmark this weekend, we are going to the club Shoko tongiht. They have a "Scandinavian night"-event together with Friis & Co, so you can win handbags, shoes, belts and accesories! Me like!
But first I think we will drop by Plaza Real for some wine- and jamón tasting. Our spanish friend Mar should be there, so maybe we can try some for free ;)

Now I am going to take a morfar, as they say in Denmark (the translation for morfar "grandpa", but "to take a morfar" is to take a powernap).

Let you know tomorrow if I got any handbags!


Kasper said...

And now I'm going to make bacon pie to the three of us :)

ma said...

here we had "våfflor" to "mellis" with jam and cream,mmmmm:)
Bacon pie sounds tasty, now we know what to ask for next time ,Kasper :)