Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All my clothes smells like Marrakesh. Can't really decide if it is a good smell or bad.. When we steped out of the airplane in Marrakesh, the first thought that hit me was cow. But that smell disapeared when we left the airport. Leter we came over smells like grilled meat, donkeys, mint tea, camels, exhaust gases, dust, flowers, incense sticks... Anyway, my loundrybag (or barrel) ended up like this: (and it is after I loaded the first washing machine..)

If you want to see more pictures of the trip to Marrakesh, look under the links to the right (you will be forwarded to my facebook-album).

Today I have applied for some educations in Sweden. I ended up chosing Service Management with focus on Retail Management, as my first hand choice. It feels good to finaly have decided what I'm going to do this fall! The education is in University of Lund, but the campus is in Helsingborg, which is like a 20min boatride from Denmark, so it is going to be BEAuutiful!
(You know Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty..)
Beautiful sound bite

Btw, I found a tool, where you can get an e-mail each time I post something on my blog. But apparently I only have 10 "spots" and my family are already occupying 3 of them (sorry mom, dad and brother; you don't have a choice ;) ). So if you want an e-mail alert, please send me your adress in an email, fb-post or as a comment below!

And last but not least; Thank you for the comments everyone! Keep them coming :)

Have yourself a good day sound bite
Sorry for spamming sound-clips, I just found this site. Quite fun actually. This last one make me think of my dearest friends back home in Stockholm; Cilan, Elin and Sara, when they quote Ace Ventura :D


Kasper said...

.... and thats how the cockie crumbleeeeeeeees! :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha take care now, bye bye then! bäst:D fan va kul de ska bli när vi kommer ner.. wooohoo/cilan