Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The spring has arrived to Bcn!

Yes, I think it is a fact now, the spring is here! 18-20C today and sun. The turists have startet to arrive during the weekdays, the bicycle-taxies are cruising around Barceloneta and the harbour, and I even saw the first Chiringuito being set up on the beach today! (Chiringuito is the small cafes/bars on the beach promonade).
Charlie and I went to the beach today and now we are chillin on the balcony (here I would have liked to put the swedish word "myser" or the danish "hygger", which isn't quite the same as chilling, but what to do). I'm having green tea with a straw.. I got a wound in my mouth which makes it hard to drink in a normal way. This got me thinking of a song my friend Beatrix and I used to listen to during the first year of highschool, Disco Fever with Paris where she sings Having cocktails with a straw, the best band I ever saw.. *happy memories*

I still havn't unpacked... why is it so hard to unpack? Is it the fact that when the suitcase is unpacked and put away, you are no longer on a vacation? That the fun is over and you are back to normal? Or is it that you know that the loundrybag will be filled up and that you probably have to start washing..??
Eather way, I have to do it soon, because on thursday our friend Louise is coming from Copenhagen to visit us over the weekend! Looking forward seeing you again!

Kisses on the balcony


Kasper said...

Unpack!!! Hmmm... maybe I should consider doing that also :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my problem is not unpacking atm - everything in my room (bags, laundry bags, papers, clothes etc) is unpacked and spread out on my floor, chairs, tables... you name it :) Personal best!
And btw, according to a swedish "rule"; springtime is when the temperature hasen't gone below 0 degrees in like 6 days or something, so I think you can call it "spring" (read summer) now ;) We're having 10 degrees the day after tomorrow! :D

ma said...

oh well, i think it must be something in the family...unpacking is NOT fun!
And mummy is happy she doesn´t have to see little brothers room :D