Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diving with sharks and some other action

.. yeah but not me; Kasper did!
jaws sound bite
Today he used his christmas present he got from me and my family; a dive in the shark-tank in Barcelona Aquarium! We started out early with a tour of the aquarium, then breakfast, teoretical class about sharks and when Kasper prepared the dive, Louise and I went down to the aquariums to prepare the cameras ;) At first I think both we and Kasper were a bit nervous, but after some minutes it looked quite peaceful and relaxing. One time he almost swam into a shark, but it went fine ;) There were also different types of rays, big fishes, morains etc. in the tank.

After the close encounter with sharks, we had some lunch at McD in Maremagnum, and then Louise and I went for a last little shopping-round. But in the last store, before going home, Louise discovered that her purse was missing... including her passport, Visa, Mastercard etc...we went back to all the places we had been, but with no succes.. so after blocking the cards, we went to the police station filling reports. Bad way of ending a vacation and day! :( Tomorrow we are going to the consulate to get some ID so she can get home (because she got her car stolen last week including her drivers licence!!). Pobresito

Yesterday, after some beaching, Louise and I went to Plaza Catalunya to do some more shopping. I ended up with cupcake-cases in latex, a nametag for my suitcase, a notebook with birds on it (all from Habitat) and then a pair of shorts from Zara. We also went to La Bouqueria for a raspberry-juice.

As requested, here are a picture of the result of my shopping the last days:

In the evening we went to Plaza España to see the magic fountain and then Barcelona going dark because of Earth Hour, eventough the street lights were still on.. We then had some nice tapas at el Rovell in el Borne.

Pictures from the dive, magic fountain and yesterdays dinner are on their way!
Have patience my young padawans!


Kasper said...

Oleeeeeeeeeeee! :)
What an experience... And what do you mean with me being afraid inicially???? :D

Tak skatten... Og tak, Björn og Monika! It would have been fun if you also had seen it, but but but you will have to look at the photos, which is not so bad, since Viktoria was the photographer ;)

ma said...

Nice skirts and top, and the rest too :)Sounds that you had a great weekend, except for the stolen purse...
and Kasper, we´re happy you´re safe back up from the sharks! Looking forward for the pics.