Saturday, March 27, 2010

En tus sueños

When I got my henna tatoo in Marrakesh, the lady said to me that it would last for at least 3 weeks. Today, like a week after I got it, it is almost gone. 3 weeks; en tus sueños! as Kasper would have said (direct translation of "in your dreams" to spanish)
This is what it looked like in Marrakesh:

Ayer, we went, as planned, to Margarita Blue where we got nachos, enchiladas, Coronitas and tasty drinks. Simone and his room-mates came by and we had even more drinks :)

More pics later. My camera is getting grey and old, so the rest of the pics are on Louises camera.

Tonight it is Earth Hour! So remember to turn of all electrical lights at 20:30 for an hour! We are thinking of just sitting on our balcony and hopefully see Barcelona go dark, or maybe we can go to La Sagrada Familia. See more what is happening around the world at the official website



Eva said...

Yeah but you would last 3 weeks if you didn´t shower...

Viktoria said...

hehe och tur är väll det (att jag duschar alltså! :) skulle va så synd för er andra om ja inte gjorde det ;)