Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mixed tape

Yesterday was the first day, after I started blogging, that I didn't post anything. Sorry for that. I had planed to though! I just got stuck in an other blog, the one of the Swedish Hundcoachen (The Dog coach) the whole morning, very interesting reading! Then Kasper came home and we found out that the football tickets for the FC Barcelona game on Satuday, had to be picked up 72h before the game. Stress. So we went to Diagonal Mar and FNAC to get the tickets. While in the center I had some things to return to H&M, but ended up with buying things instead.. Kasper found some shoes in Zara and we stoped by the pet shop. Oaawwwww, the puppies are SO cute. In Sweden and Denmark we don't have dogs in pet shops. Or at least I haven't seen it? You buy dogs at kennels and breeders.

Supercute puppies

Funny Diesel advertise. It says:
"SEX SELLS, unfortunately we sell jeans"

Anyway, it took almost all afternoon and when we got home we took Charlie for a long walk and Kasper did some more roller skiing (and I tried too!!). When we came back home, we remembered that we had planed to see Alice in Wonderland and hadn't yet had dinner. So we took the scooter to Cineplex in Vila Olimpica, got our tickets and had a quick dinner at Burger King (yeah I know, Burger King is not as good as McD, but we didn't have time..). What about the movie then..? Well to be honest, it wasn't that good.. Not super funny, not super thrilling, not super anything. We saw it in 3D and that wasn't super either; the glases slide of my nose all the time and afterwards our eyes hurted. And the 3D-glases' sexy-factor = 0.
So, wasted money but now we have tried it. And Johnny Depp is always nice.

Looking good and stable. NOT

Today I babysat Gabriel, and when I was finished Kasper had ran with Charlie to meet me, we then walked home together by the beach. Now we have cleaned the whole apartment, so finaly I have time for the blog :)

Kasper and Charlie walking in Parc de la Vila Olimpica

Oh, and this Thusday we had some strange weather. It started with sun and blue sky, but later some cold weird fog/mist came from the sea. At first I thought there was a fire somewhere and then the volcano-ashes came to my mind. But later, when I went down to the beach, it was just fog. As you can see, you couldn't even see the W-hotel or the teleferico-tower! And from our balcony, Montjuïc had disappeared.

The fog is coming..
And no more Montjuïc

The teleferico-tower and no W-hotel.

I hope that lot of pictures compensates for the blog-less day ;)

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ma said...

What a day! or as we say in sweden: en sån dag...:)