Monday, April 26, 2010

People watching

I'm just people watching, the other people watching me.

That's the first frase from Jack Johnson's song People Watching.

I just love sitting on our balcony, preferably in the sun, watching people going to/from the beach or just strolling along the harbour. People meeting on the street. Stopping by a bench. Watching people with funny clothes. People that can't controll their dogs (or children). Seeing the clear difference between Barcelonians and turists. Just love it.
Unfortunately I'm often too slow getting the camera. But at least now when Kasper has got a zoom-lence, I can capture some of the ones passing by! Here are a few favourites:

The colorful Desigual-bicycle-taxies

Poor turist group that had to have orange hats..

And my favourite, a bride and her groom on Segways!
If you click on the pic you get it bigger. She is wearing her wedding dress and he a tuxedo.
They are driving next to eachother with two friends in tuxedos behind them (outside the pic)

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Bess Seidler said...

Love this post! great idea and some good finds!