Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to make Españoles laugh

Well it is not that hard, the Spanish are quite a happy people. But if you want them to really laugh, like falling-of-the-bench-laugh, here is what you will have to do:

Go out and find some young people, preferable young men in a gruop. Then take a guy from Scandinavia, preferable Danish, like Kasper. And then (and this is the tricky part) take out your roller-skis. Put the Dane on the skis, and volá your Spaniards will die of laugh!

At least that's what happened yesterday. After Kasper had come home, after 2 days on the rails, he wanted to try out his new roller skis. So we went down to the beach. At first Charlie was a bit suspicious, but after some minutes he liked running next to Kasper.
Kasper has namely decided to do the Vasaloppet, which is a 90km cross-country ski-race in Sweden, held every year the first week of March. Kasper's only problem is that he has never been on cross-country skis before. So to be able to train before the race, he is now starting to go on roller skis.

For you who don't know what Vasaloppet is, here is a short history lesson (oh come on, don't stop reading just because I wrote history lesson, it's fun!):
In 1520 Gustav Vasa was escaping the Danish king Christian II on skis. He skied from Mora to Sälen (to Swedish town/villages) and therefore the race is between those cities, (although the race today is from Sälen to Mora). Some years later, Gustav Vasa became the Swedish king after having defeated Denmark and Christian II, and ever since, Sweden has been independet! Read more

So if you spot a guy in roller skis in Barcelona, it's probably Kasper. He will be the only one. At least it was the first time the guys next to us yesterday saw one.

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