Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday Kasper and I went to Camp Nou to see FC Barcelona play against Jerez. The top against the very last (at the moment). Today the Swedish newspapers Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet celebrates Zlatan Ibrahimovic's game and writes that he was "the one behind the victory". (For you who don't know, Zlatan is a footballplayer from Sweden).

Eh, did we see the same game? Yeah if you just look at the figures (3-1, one by Zlatan and one assist) so yes, he did a good game. But the other time? He must have missed 60-70% of his passes! And two clear goal-chances? And his goal was only possible because of a super pass from Henry. Well well enough about Zlatan.

It feels great to finaly have seen a FCB match in Barcelona and the game was fun. Jerez was actually good and had many chances. It was great weather, we had hot dogs and popcorn and at the end Messi got to play some. The less plesent things were the tree guys infront of us, (they must have been what, about 17-18 years old?) who smoked both normal and funny stuff the whole game.

Zlatan fixes his hair. And a header

On our way home we bought bread; one with spinach, cheese and pine nuts and the other with tomato and cheese. At home, we made some super delicius sandwiches. Mine was with Brie cheese, Chorizo de Pavo, ruccola salad, bean sprouts and avocado:

Oh, and I got a rose from Kasper on Sant Jordi the other day :)

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